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Sustainable Travel

All of our expeditions are made with careful consideration to nature and do not deplete, destroy or alter existing ecosystems.

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About H2O Encounters

H2o Encounters was founded by Alistair Barradell to provide to exhilarating adventures. After years of diving experiences he has chosen the best diving sites and works with his client at customizing trips to suit their individual need.

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Giving back

Realizing the importance of conservation H2O Encounters gives back to the community through educating children about the marine environment.

Alistair Barradell


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Alistair, a very experience diving guide and a professional diving instructor has spent years under the sea. Since starting his carer in diving with the New Zealand navy, he's has gone on thousands of dives in some of the most exotic and unique sites in the world , guiding for many very prestiges organizations such as, National Geographic, Shark Explores, Pelagic Life, Discovery Chanel, Animal Planet, Univision, AE Films, Dive Zone New Zealand, Polynesian Island Conservation and Shark Diver Magazine. Sensitive to the world around him, when he is not working as a guide he's often working as a volunteer lifeguard, for disaster relief and ocean rehabilitation or giving back to the community educating underprivileged children about oceanography.

``I haven't been everywhere, but its on my list``


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